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Food in Istanbul: Where Turkish cuisine and culture are melting

Turkish cuisine has a lot to offer you culinary and so does Istanbul. Many Turkish dishes you probably already know from your home country. However, you will be amazed at how good the restaurants are in Turkey. There are many luxurious restaurants, street food stalls, and snacks to go to. From kebabs to sesame rings and baklava, there is always something for everyone’s taste. In Istanbul, it is literally impossible to starve. There is always and everywhere an open restaurant or a small snack bar 24/7, which serves you Turkish national dishes with the warmest hospitality.

What to eat and drink in Istanbul? From breakfast to dinner

In Istanbul, food and drinks are very much intertwined with Turkish culture. However, there is so much more than just kebabs and döner. In every small café and restaurant, as well as at the breakfast table of the locals, you start the day with a glass of tea (Çay). Tea, along with Turkish coffee, is one of the drinks that you should not avoid in any case. Breakfast is also an integral part of the Turkish food culture. The table is set with various kinds of cheese and olives as well as vegetables, honey, eggs, and of course many traditional pastries such as börek. Ask for “Serpme Kahvaltı” at restaurants to be served a traditional Turkish breakfast. On ceremonial occasions, locals, both young and old, gather in what is called a “meyhane”. There they serve small portions, such as tapas as an appetizer in the middle and fresh fish as a main course with the national drink raki (Rakı). A Meyhane experience as well as a Turkish breakfast should be on the top of your list. Here you will find the best restaurants and dishes that you should definitely try for a Turkish culinary experience.

An overview of the most popular street foods in Istanbul:

Where to eat out? Here is an overview of restaurants in Istanbul