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Where to stay in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a very large city that spans two continents and officially has about 18 million inhabitants. For the best experience in Istanbul, the choice of hotel or accommodation is very important. Istanbul is known for long traffic jams, as well as overcrowded public transportation. Therefore, you should choose the location of your accommodation consciously. Here you can find information about the best hotels and the best neighborhoods in Istanbul. Read on to find out which district meets your expectations and what each district has to offer. 

Is it safe to stay in Istanbul?

Even if one district is more beautiful than the other, there are many points you should pay attention to. For example, Taksim is one of the most popular places for tourists, but did you know that Taksim can be very unsafe at the same time? The location of the hotel in Taksim is very important. Some hotels are located on dangerous streets and can negatively affect your trip. 

Should you stay on the Asian or European side of Istanbul?

The European side of Istanbul is always the first place for tourists because of the large number of museums and historical buildings. Many too often underestimate the neighborhoods on the Asian side. Kadıköy, for example, is very popular among locals. Locals even claim it is more authentic and reflects the old and real Istanbul.

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