Istanbul Airport to Taksim: How to get there by bus and metro

Are you planning your arrival in Istanbul, eager to explore the dynamic heart of the city, Taksim? Good news – getting from Istanbul Airport to Taksim is a breeze. Istanbul Airport is exceptionally well-connected to public transportation, with affordable and efficient options available 24/7. In this guide, we’ll walk you through two hassle-free methods: taking a bus or riding the metro. Discover the ease, cost, and duration of these journeys, ensuring you can kickstart your Istanbul adventure without a hitch.

Your Travel Options: Havaist bus, Metro, or Taxi

Havaist buses are a popular choice for their convenience and affordability. But if you prefer other options, Istanbul also offers a well-connected metro system and the option of taking a taxi.

Istanbul Airport to Taksim: By Havaist Airport Bus

What is Havaist?

Havaist is the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s answer to providing reliable and convenient airport transportation services for visitors and residents alike. It is a network of modern shuttle buses designed to whisk you from Istanbul Airport to various parts of the city and back to the airport.

What you need to know about Havaist busses

  • Frequency: Havaist buses depart every 15-45 minutes, depending on the time of day and your chosen destination. This ensures that you don’t have to wait long for your transportation.
  • Where to Find Them: Upon exiting the arrivals hall of Istanbul Airport, you’ll encounter the Havaist buses ready to take you on your journey.
  • Fares: The ticket price varies based on the specific bus line you select, typically ranging from ₺40 to ₺65 (approximately 14-17 USD or 14-16 EUR).
  • Payment Options: You can conveniently purchase your ticket through the website, pay by credit card when boarding the bus, or use a ticket machine at the airport for cash transactions.
  • Destinations: Havaist offers comprehensive coverage, connecting Istanbul Airport to a multitude of destinations in the city, including Sultanahmet, Taksim, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, Beyazıt, and many more.
  • Comfort: One of the perks of taking the bus is the comfort it offers. The vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, ample legroom, charging points, and even entertainment systems with TVs. Luggage is accommodated, and you’ll find the drop-off point at Taksim Square, from where you can easily reach your accommodation on foot.

Fast and easy: How to get from Istanbul Airport to Taksim with HVIST-16 Bus

If your final destination is Taksim, the HVIST-16 bus is the ideal choice. This bus departs from the -2nd floor, located just outside the arrivals hall of Istanbul Airport, and travels directly to Taksim without requiring any transfers. For a price of 136 Turkish Lira per person, you can enjoy a comfortable and swift journey that typically takes around 90 minutes. However, please note that travel times may vary due to weather conditions and road congestion.

Everything you need to know about Havaist line 16 to Taksim

  • Starting Point: This Havaist bus departs from the -2nd floor outside the arrivals hall of Istanbul Airport.
  • No Transfers: Unlike some other options, the HVIST-16 bus takes you directly to Taksim without any transfers.
  • Cost: The ticket price for this service is ₺136 per person.
  • Frequency: The Havaist-16 line to Taksim departs every 25-45 minutes from Istanbul Airport, depending on the time of the day.
  • Travel Time: On average, you can expect the journey from Taksim to Istanbul Airport to take about 90 minutes. Keep in mind that travel times may vary due to weather and road conditions.
Daily HAVIST Timetable to Taksim from Istanbul Airport:

00:10; 00:40; 01:10; 01:40; 02:20; 03:05; 04:05; 05:05; 05:40; 06:15; 06:50; 07:25; 08:00; 08:30; 09:00; 09:30; 10:00; 10:30; 11:00; 11:30; 12:00; 12:30; 13:00; 13:30; 14:00; 14:30; 15:00; 15:30; 16:00; 16:30; 17:00; 17:30; 17:55; 18:20; 18:45; 19:10; 19:40; 20:10; 20:40; 21:10; 21:40; 22:10; 22:40; 23:10; 23:40

Check the Havaist website for the latest information.

Istanbul Airport to Taksim: By Metro

Experience swift and reliable transportation from Istanbul Airport to Taksim Square by utilizing the Metro system. With Metro stations conveniently situated at both Istanbul Airport and Taksim Square, connecting these two key locations is effortless. Find the Metro station at Istanbul Airport at exit 11, offering a seamless transition onto the M11 line, ensuring a quick and efficient journey to the vibrant heart of Istanbul.

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Taksim using the metro

For a quick and efficient journey, the Istanbul metro system is an excellent choice. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect from the M11 line at Istanbul Airport to the M2 line, which stops at Taksim:

  1. Metro Stations: The Metro station at Istanbul Airport is located at exit 11. Taksim Square has its own Metro station.
  2. Metro Lines:
    • Take the M11 line from Istanbul Airport to Gayrettepe station, this is the last station of the journey. The journey from Istanbul Airport to Gayrettepe should take around 24 minutes and 9 stops.
    • From there, transfer to the M2 line, which goes straight to Taksim. Taksim metro station comes after three stops and the journey should take around 10 minutes.
    • If your hotel is in the area of Taksim square, you should disembark at Taksim station. If you are staying in the Galata or Tünel area, it’s better if you disembark at Sishane station, one station after Taksim.
  3. IstanbulKart: To use the Metro, you’ll need an IstanbulKart. Purchase and top it up with money at the Metro station, and scan it at each gate to enter. Learn more about the IstanbulKart here.
  4. Travel Time: The entire journey from the airport to Taksim by Metro should not take more than 40 minutes.

Metro tickets and prices from Istanbul Airport

Metro tickets can only be purchased via the rechargeable Istanbulkart. To get started, buy an Istanbulkart at the airport’s subway station and load it with credit, using cash as the payment method. The initial cost for an Istanbulkart is 70 Turkish Lira. A one-way ticket on the subway is priced at 15.00 Turkish Lira. For the interchange to the M2 metro, your card will be charged another 15.00 Turkish Lira. Children under the age of 6 travel for free.

Taking a Taxi from Istanbul Airport to Taksim

For travelers seeking a direct and private transportation option, hailing a taxi is a convenient choice. The distance from Istanbul Airport to Taksim spans approximately 40-45 kilometers, with taxi fares ranging from ₺640 to ₺1.000, approximately 23-35 USD. It’s essential to note that yellow taxis operate at standard fare prices, typically lower than the turquoise taxis that follow a higher fare structure.

Getting from Istanbul Airport to Taksim: A Comprehensive Comparison of Transportation Options and Ratings

Transportation MethodDurationFrequencyCostComfortRating
Bus (Havaist)60-90 minutesEvery 25-45 minutes₺136 (approx. $4.89 or €4.36) per personComfortable, air-conditioned, Wi-Fi, charging points4.5/5
Metro (M11 and M2 Lines)40 minutesRegular intervals₺30 (approx. $1.08 or €1.03)Efficient, clean, may get crowded during peak hours4/5
Taxi (Yellow)30-45 minutesAvailable 24/7₺640-₺700 (approx. $23)Private, door-to-door, varying prices3.5/5

Conclusion: The best way to get from Istanbul Airport to Taksim

As you step onto the Turkish soil of Istanbul Airport, your adventure in this enchanting city begins. Getting from the airport to Taksim is a straightforward process with multiple options at your disposal. The Havaist Airport Shuttle offers a cost-effective and comprehensive service, while the Metro provides a swift and dependable public transport alternative. For those seeking convenience and a personalized experience, taxis are readily available.

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Taksim?

You can easily travel from Istanbul Airport to Taksim by using the metro, bus, or taxi. The metro and bus are cost-effective options, while a taxi provides a more direct, albeit pricier, choice.

What is the distance from Istanbul’s Airport to Taksim Square?

The distance from Istanbul Airport to Taksim Square is approximately 40-45 kilometers.

How much does it cost from Istanbul Airport to Taksim?

The cost of traveling from Istanbul Airport to Taksim varies depending on the mode of transportation. For the metro, it’s around ₺30, while the Havaist bus is approximately ₺136. Taxi fares range from ₺640 to ₺1,000, depending on factors like traffic and the taxi company.

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Taksim by metro?

To reach Taksim by metro, take the M11 line from Istanbul Airport to Gayrettepe station and then switch to the M2 line, which goes directly to Taksim. The cost is approximately ₺30, and the journey takes about 40 minutes.

How to get from the airport to Taksim Square by bus?

You can take a Havaist bus from Istanbul Airport to Taksim Square. The approximate cost is ₺136, and the journey takes around 90 minutes.

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