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Cradle of civilizations, lands where Christianity growed, home to the most important and beautiful historical places ! Turkey offers the ultimate athmosphere for a dream vacation,honeymoon or family escape.

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Tour to Cradle of civilizations, Lands where Christianity growed, home to the most important and beautiful historical places !

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Turkish Culinary

Turkish Culinary is influenced by many civilizations in Anatolia, as well as harboring the old Turkish culture. The culinary cultural heritage inherited from the Ottoman Empire is actually an east-west synthesis.Turkish cuisine, which is one of the richest cuisines in the world, has been inspired by the European, Middle East, Asian and Anatolian food cultures. […]

Climate of Turkey

Turkey’s unique geographic location has assumed the role of bridge between Asia and Europe. This gives the opportunity to experience 4 seasons at the same time in the country. When we look at the climate types seen in the country in general, we come across Continental Climate, Temperate Climate. Different climates appear in each geographical […]

Location of Country

Turkey is located between the northern latitudes 36-42 and 26-45 eastern meridians in the northern hemisphere. The country which assumes as a bridge between Asia and Europe, is at a strategic point economically, socially and politically. Surrounded by seas on 3 sides, the country is also home to the most important strategic strait. An island […]

Belief & Beverages of Turkey

The belief of the Mother Goddess was dominant in Catalhoyuk, the oldest known metropolis in Central Anatolia and in other civilizations in Anatolia. With the transition to settled life and belief in the Mother Goddess, people started farming. They started to store the barley and wheat they had grown (6000 BC). They realized that the […]

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